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Hello again 

So, as you know, the amazing people over at Keromask London sent me the Keromask professional sample set and I’ve spent this week pushing it to the highest of tests with coverage, wear-ability and staying power. Working as a student nurse I do long hard shifts and trying to find make-up that does not crack during the day and keeps my port wine stain covered over this period is difficult however this little tub has been AMAZING!!
Over the duration of the week I’ve taken before and after pictures Monday to Friday. For this blog I’m going to be taking you through my make-up dairy for the week with application tips and a review of the “mask that actually cares.” This post isn’t being used for marketing purposes just a new bloggers opinion on a product I’ve never tried before.

SO! What is Keromask?
As you may already be aware, Keromask is camouflage makeup which is used by both the British Association for Skin Camouflage and Changing Faces. Keromask is made for everyone, all skin types and skin infections. I obviously use mine for my port wine stain but it can be used for acne, vitiligo, rosacea, scars, veins, moles, broken capillaries, dark circles under the eyes, and unwanted tattoos. There are 24 shades of concealer, three mixing shades, and four shades of powder!

The first time I tried Keromask, like any concealer, it was trial and error and off course I had to try it just before a big night out, GREAT! So, if it went wrong then I won’t be a happy bunny! Knowing me and my need for coverage for a night out I starting getting ready early…really early! Firstly, I tried Light no.1 which I found was just a little too light for my skin tone, so I moved to Light no.3 and it was perfect!


On the right is keromask light no.1 which is slightly too light and on the left is my new pal no.3

I was shocked by how like for like it matched my tone. The product felt soft and smooth on my hands, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. I started by putting it on the back of my hand to warm it before using a foundation brush and applied it to my birthmark. Normally with concealers I have to double layer or go for a thicker style to get maximum coverage but amazingly I only used one thin layer. I felt light, refreshed and most importantly covered ☺ I normally only apply my concealer to my birthmark and cover the rest with foundation on my whole face for a more stubble coverage. Keromask was easy to blend and didn’t leave any harsh lines.


Monday in my opinion is the worst day of the week and the hardest to get out of bed for but I did it! I woke up and applied my Light No.3 on my birthmark and my foundation to the whole of my face with powder to set. My day started at 7am and finished at 8pm with an hours travel in each direction. Throughout the day I got a series of comments on my coverage, the team in which I was working was so used to me being make-upless (Not too sure that’s even a word) but they loved it. My skin felt soft, even and light, like I wasn’t even wearing anything, which is amazing for any make-up and at the end of the day I had a dewy glow. So all in all, Monday was an absolute success.


Tuesday started at 6am and finished at 6pm. I applied my make-up in exactly the same way as I did the day before. I started in the morning with my normal placement routine which was followed by an afternoon of travelling to sit in a training session which was probably the hottest room ever. Now, normally, a very VERY hot day in sunny Norfolk with three layers of uniform and a crowded classroom leads to my make-up literally melting OFF my face, which as you can imagine isn’t very nice for anyone! However, Keromask was there for me and did not let me down, I left the room with the same coverage as I had when I went in. I’m definitely loving my Light No.3.


Happy hump day people, we are officially half way! I again began the day with a 6am start and a 6pm finish ☺. Today I decided to change my all over face foundation to a moose and I was happy with the end result, my birthmark held well but the rest of the face not so much. Today I really noticed the blending ability Keromask has as It was so easy to get rid of the harsh lines I created with my brush.


Not long to go guys! only one more day shift whooo! I am getting more in the swing of things now and definitely prefer my normal foundation to the moose. Silky skin with no lines now I feel great today. At the end of a very long day with the beginnings of a cold was a very hard task for my keromask light no.3. Out from 7am until 7pm and a whole day of sneezing would normally lead to a lot of smudging, especially under my eyes, however, Keromask endured everything I threw at it today and I was happily surprised with a dewy end of day look.


Well done guys, we have all made it through to the weekend. Unfortunately not a for student nurse, tonight is the dreaded….NIGHT SHIFT !! The ever so happy 12 hour shift overnight, the ultimate test! But Keromask stood up to the challenge and I didn’t need to fix or top up my face. On taking my make-up off after a long and hectic nightshift I noticed I had a small bit which had rubbed off onto my uniform however luckily this had not affected my face. I was also panicking alittle that I had gotten this on my uniform however this came out with no issues and with no stains!



It’s the weekend! And ive had about 2 hours sleep, however on a better note I now feel really confident with my application style, its not perfect but im a lot more confident than Monday. Today I used my favourite foundation (Which I only keep for special occasions 😉 ) on top of my Keromask and loved it. I was feeling very confident for my day at the cathedral with dinner and keromask kept me covered and gave me a little boost of confidence I needed. Saturday was a day of mixed weather, hail, rain, wind and sun and my face stayed intact. Weather is my nemesis, as my eyes tend to water quite badly on a normal day, when it is extremely windy this is magnified. My eye began watering from before I even left the house and two hours later when I first managed to find a mirror it had a small smudge under my eye and had not cracked, which is completely amazing!

My technique
Before I even look at my makeup I need to look at my face, I’ve been so bad lately with a poor diet and lack of water which has led to major breakouts and imperfections. I have now started to cleanse tone and moisturise twice a day with a face mask once a week, alongside two of my other friends – which will be coming up in a further blog. (Not that they know this yet! Haha)
After my CTM I always wear primer. I few months ago I didn’t even know this product was good and now I’m in love. A primed face is a prepared face!
And after primer we move to concealer, In the case our faithful Keromask. For me the colour of my concealer is extremely important and normally I go a shade lighter to avoid that yellow shading that happens. This week I chose light no.3.

• Firstly I put the concealer on the back of my hand until it becomes body temperature
• Secondly with the tip of your brush, take a small amount of Keromask foundation and placed it on the side of my cheek, close to my hairline, just below my forehead.
• Then I work the concealer out from there using long strokes (Making sure to get into those creases in the skin around the eyes, nose and move just over the edges of the area your trying to cover)
• Stage four – we have what I call baking, leave the concealer for a few minutes to let it work into your skin, then, blend with a sponge around the edges to avoid harsh lines.
• Finally  apply your chosen foundation and powder.

My top tip is always always remove your make-up as your skin needs to breathe especially with everyday wear. 

One week doesn’t lead to perfection but I feel a lot more confident in the use of my keromask and this is only my first week. I will have many comments further too this. I will definitely be trying more shades and styles and keeping everyone updated on how I’m getting on with it! However this is part one of many.

Don’t forget to check my social media’s for updates or to get in contact. I am happy to answer any questions you have

Aisling 😚



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  1. AineB says:

    Amazing review! The staying power of Keromask is incredible! Helps too that it is going on a pretty face 🙂

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