Chocolate grows on trees it’s technically salad. Oh it’s Wednesday I’ll wait until Monday. I’m a fussy eater. One last take away. I cant be bothered.

Well no Aisling.

Not its not okay to eat your body weight in ice cream while complaining about gaining weight I cannot be the only one to feel this way.

Diets are hard, even cosmopolitan has 17 reasons why not to diet. So yeah its going to be really hard to work out and eat healthy but I’m determined.

A few friends and I have joined the park run! Every Saturday at the ungodly time of 9am we will do the 5k. That accompanied with a change of diet and the gym we are hoping to accomplish body confidence. Which is the best reason for a lifestyle change. Little but late for the summer but day one of the park run is tomorrow and quite frankly I’m excited to start this new journey.

Keep up to date with our progress on any of my social media’s





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