We see you!  Don’t you worry, we see those awesome eyes behind your frames.  There are so many frames on the market so you guys get to rock it from geek to diva!  I’ve read up on makeup for people with glasses because I hate hearing that you don’t look cute with your makeup, ladies…come on! Off course you do. I thought I would create a little tip sheet for daytime, evening and the don’ts of makeup with glasses.




The first of my daytime makeup tips for girls who wear glasses is to keep the eyes neutral.  Let’s stay with soft colours during the day girlies, don’t want to overdo it!

Because your frames are going to be there for your whole day, your makeup needs to work with them, teamwork. 

Big frames mean big liner so thin frames mean thin liner!   Long-sighted lenses make your eyes look larger so you can use dark liner and if you are short-sighted, brighten your eyes with light shades and highlighter.  Also brightly coloured frames can look awesome if it is teamed with a flattering shade of eyeshadow or liner.

Mascara ~wiping smudges off your lenses can be solved with waterproof or smudge proof varieties of your favs!  OR an eyelash tint – no applying mascara every day and it’s a lazy tip!

Define your eyes, we don’t want to lose the definition of your beautiful eyes.  This means liner is your new best friend.

Final tip for day time for all my glasses wearing girlies out there is, Lip!  Be bold, don’t be a wallflower- think less girl next door and more sexy secretary. Strong lips go perfectly with natural eyes.

*Gemma was my lovely volunteer for my day time look*




Ok, so this may be misleading i say nighttime but this could be for a date, a day out or if you just are into more makeup 🙂

 First things first -Conceal!

Now, nor never is it the time to skip concealer. Brighten your eyes up even more with under eye concealer or illuminator.  This can make your eyes pop from beneath your pretty frames.

Tinted moisturiser. This will blend the little red marks glasses sometimes leave.  Apply a primer all over your face, but focus on areas where your glasses rest like your nose. That way if you take your glasses off at any point during the night (to make out with a guy or whatever), you won’t have any little red marks.

 Next, blot away!  excess foundation can make your frames dirty.  This again can be your pesky nose bridge.  Use a makeup sponge and roll it over the bridge of your nose or along the tops of your cheeks to lift off any excess product. Don’t forget to set your face, powder can keep your foundation on your skin and not your glasses.


Random tip- Blotting paper is expensive but it’s the same material as toilet seat covers- try putting one in your purse next time you are out and cutting it into squares!


Try sparkly navy or deep burgundy liner instead of black, these colours suit every eye colour,  it’s warmer and makes everyone look good!  That’s what we want isn’t it?  The best looking refection we can have!  AND it does not matter your skin tone or hair colour. Power, definition, brightening and on-trend!

 For your smoky eye-  try smudging a liner in a warm colour such as a grey, plum or black.  This will be dramatic but not too OTT.  Cat eyes are great because you can create the shape you want but feel free to experiment with different angles and shapes of your flick.

Curl, Curl, Curl.  Using that eyelash curler at the bottom of your makeup bag can help your lashes from hitting of your frames, focus on your lash roots and curl up BEFORE mascara.

Top Tip: tilt your head back! The curler may almost be sitting on your cheek and pulse it a little, not too tightly, for the perfect curl.


Focus on your roots.  Pay more attention to that now perfectly curled roots with mascara.  One coat is good enough for the tips because more would make them heavy and heavy tips will make your lashes drop!  Intensify your look with think roots.

Don’t forget- waterproof can avoid transfer!


Ladies, balance is key.  A great statement, classic eye makeup will always look best.   But we need to balance our lips.  Bright eyes don’t mean we have to be neutral on the lip.  A gorgeous bold eye with your awesome glasses and matte, powdery bold lip is so chic!


*Alex helping me rock the more makeup look*

*Katherine looking as awesome as every with my soft purple eye*


It always surprises me that many women with glasses assume they can’t wear eye makeup.   There are plenty of flattering ways to make your look fabulous when you wear glasses.  Finally i have some top tips that pretty much summerises the key things to remember for our glassed beauties;


  • A magnifying mirror can be a very useful tool if you can’t see what you’re doing without your glasses
  • BROWS- people think eyebrows aren’t as important when you wear glasses but they’re actually more so.  Your eyebrows are the frame to your face and they always need attention.
  • Under eye circles can seem even more pronounced when you wear glasses. Glasses make shadows and lets combat that with under eye concealer.
  • Any shine you have on your nose or t-zone is going to stand out because it is the centre of your glasses. Lets guard against this with powder.
  • Going back to one of my previous blogs, blush. Don’t forget to work this to your skin tone, face shape and colour palette.
  • Choose eyeshadow shades that have shimmer – neutral or dark this will catch the light and bring the attention to your beautiful eyes!
  • Let those lashes show! Curl and define! Give them several good coats, making sure to catch the lashes at the inner and outer corners.
  • Your lips need colour! You may want to go a little bolder than you would if you weren’t a glasses wearer



What do you find most challenging about makeup when you wear glasses?  I love hearing from you guys! Get in contact!






PS- Im just going to leave you with the girls being super excited- what a team effort ladies



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  1. Claire Hunter says:

    Another great post im loving the makeup tips keep them coming! from a fellow specy girl lol x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love your comments Claire ☺ thank you so much, already working on the next one 🙈 xx


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