Part One

 Welcome to part one of my lips-travaganza!

A bank holiday weekend full of lips.  these are our tools for talking and kissing.  so we need to take care of them and what better way than to do it together.  Four days of lips-pert advice.

Today we are going to look at lip care.

Who doesn’t want kissable lips or the perfect pout? Me, personally I have to work really hard to keep my lips smooth and soft. Why?  Well, because I’m awful at listening to my own advice and staying hydrated ~ My name is Aisling and I’m a coffee addict~  This is also because I am a lip licker,  did you know that licking your lips is seriously damaging? NO? me either!  Licking your lips breaks down the natural defences of the skin on your lips and makes them more dry, chapped and prone to nasty infections such as cold sores.  Most people would immediately stop licking their lips but apparently not me.  I’m currently licking my lips as I write this but I’m stopping – Promise.

Lip care is soooo important, not only because matte lipstick is super on trend  (which shows up all the dryness of your lips as well as drying them out even more) or because cold sores are both painful and unsightly (two of the worst inflictions ever) but because our skin is our bodies natural defence system.  For al of these reasons today is lip care day – YAY!  Exfoliation is key for great lips and I have some things to share.

First things first a lip scrub.   LUSH sell little pots of lip scrub for around £6 which look amazing but if your anyone like me who has hyper sensitive skin and gets hives at the door of the LUSH shop then you can join me in my DIY lip scrub routine.  You could look into where else sells these lip scrubs but I like to know what is in my skincare so making my own is perfect! Easy, quick, cheap and effective, everything a student can ask for.

Personal lip scrub shopping list

  1. Sugar
  2. Oil  any can be use but olive oil is best for skin
  3. Flavouring any can be used but cinnamon is my personal choice



And yes that is it!  Three everyday items that can be found in most if not all kitchens and it can be used to make your lips super soft.  get about  tablespoon of sugar, add your chosen oil and flavouring and MIX.  I use olive oil because its soft on the skin and it doesn’t smell.  Some of our on line friends use coconut oil because it is good for you and then you don’t need to think about adding a flavour, this is purely because they use this to cook and it makes more sense for her, instead of heading out to buy olive oil.

SO- Mix until you have a thickish paste and apply.

Gently rub this into your lips and leave for about three minutes then rinse off with water, that is if you have resisted the urge to eat the sugar of your lips.

VOILÀ ~ Super soft lips

You should only do this twice a week because it could damage your lips if done everyday.  My days of choice are Thursday and Sunday nights, that way I am setting myself up for a good lip week and more importantly a good lip weekend.  To exfoliate lips daily you can use your toothbrush.  When your brushing your teeth in the morning you can quickly but gently rub your toothbrush over your lips and this will get rid of any dryness or little white flakes left from a night of drooling.

Top Tips for exfoliation  

  • Honey is a healthy and yummy alternate to cinnamon.
  • Coconut oil can be bought cheaply in Afro-Caribbean shops and super drug cheaply
  • Moisturise after exfoliation! its a must.
  • Moisturise your lips over night, honestly you will thank me! 


Stay tuned for more of my lips-travaganza tomorrow  and send me pictures or deets about your attempts I’m super interested to get your take on this.


































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  1. Great post, I’ll have to try making the lipscrub!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its awesome im using it now 🙂 You’ll have to show me your attempt xx


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