Part Two


Following on from the the holy grail of lip exfoliation we are moving onto everyday care and wear.

The Ten Commandments of Lip

1. Clean Lips

Generally we do our lips last so clean the accidental lip spillage from your lips with a damp cloth or a baby wipe.  From yesterday we know how to care for our lips on a daily and bi-weekly basis so they should be soft.

TOP TIP- This will also give our lips a boost of hydration 

2. Know your products 

No ladies this doesn’t mean making best friends with your benefit or urban decay lady, ¬†I mean formulas and don’t be frightened there is no maths involved either.

Matte lipstick- can be long lasting but can dry out our lips

Creamy formulas- are hydrating but may not have the long wear ability

Long lasting formulas – are comfortable not as plastic as they used to be

Experimentation is key to find your favourite! (That’s my fav part)

3. Line and Define

Liner has quickly become an essential to my everyday life, lining our lips will neutralise their natural pinkness, which will make our lipstick more pigmented and true to the tube colour!   This can also be used for the opposite effect, if you want to darken the colour use a darker liner or lighten the colour use a white or pale liner.

4. Brush don’t push

If you apply your chosen lip colour with a brush rather than the stick it not only makes the colour last longer but I think it minimises transfer onto your cloths or rub onto your face. ¬†Especially if your like me ¬†and kiss everyone’s cheeks, lets not leave nasty little prints! ¬†Oh and another thing, this way you can share with your besties in the most hygienic way.

5. Blot 

Gently press some dry tissue onto your lips when your done, it will take of any access product resulting in less transfer and more kiss ability.

6. Protect your teeth

Please do not go out of the house with lipstick on your teeth.  PEOPLE WILL JUDGE, not me but people will.  if you do you can remove it with your finger and a quick check of your besties teeth is perfect pre-night out.

7. Light up your life 

Apply a little highlighter to your cupids bow.  It draws attention to your beautiful mouth.

TOP TIP- frame your lips with concealer to make them more defined.

8. Glossy life 

Lip gloss can make your pout more plump. ¬†Shiny- Shiny. ¬†Some people don’t like how sticky the gloss can be so maybe try it just in the centre of your lips.

9. Brave the naked look

Do not be afraid to go nude.  To get the perfect shade try one shade deeper than your skin tone.  Paley ladies like me should try a pinky undertone where darker skinned lovelies should try a sandy beige.

10. Thou shall wear red

Red is my all time favourite lip colour and there is a shade of red for everyone!

Fair skin – Reds with a blue under tone are best for the paler of us.

Medium skin tones should try an orange toned red colour

Dark skin should try deep and burgundy colours.

Additional lip tip is to apply your colour then pat in some pressed powder and re-do.  May seem a  bit of a faff but it will protect your pout. Making you more matt AND have long lasting,no transfer colour.

So there you have my 10 Commandments of lip wear with an additional tip. ¬†Let me know how you get on or if you have any questions. ¬†Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the cupids bow look!





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