Part Three


Whoo all aboard  the train to lip love.  Thank you so much for following my journey this far, we are half way there and no prayers in sight!  This is my favourite thing to do with liner. Today is:

The Cupids Bow

Sharp or curved everyone like the cupids bow! and personally I love it.  Although sometimes it can be super hard to achieve frustration is not the way forward.  Step- by – Step is the way forward and I am here to give you just that.  Don’t worry I have pictures because you can tell me over and over but until I see it I’m not going to understand!  I asked my sister to follow my steps and took photos of her using my tips to show you guys how easy it is, I also drew some pictures so excuse my artist attempts.

Four Simple steps to Cupids Bow-tiful

Step One

On the cupids bow of your lips, which is the area just below the curve under your nose draw an X.  As big or as small as you want it to be, I recommend to start small because we can make it bigger later but filling it in, if you think its too small!



Step Two

On our lower lip directly below our X we need to draw a line following the natural curve of our lips.  You can make this as thick or as thin as you like over the natural colour of your lip.

Step Three

Nobody puts baby in the corner but they do put liner in there.    Gently define the sides of your lips to achieve share or rounded corners.  Both sides please!

Step Four 

Connect the dots!  Trace your lip line along the bottom to connect your lines and on the upper lip to the top of your X on step one!  TA-DAH an outline and now colour in, within the lips, this is what our colouring books have been practice for.




TOP TIP- Highlight your bow with a smaller brush if you follow these steps, getting into the groves of your lip will make this cupids bow shine, sparkle and irresistible.

If your anything like me then practice, practice, practice!    My steps are simple easy and quick, I was researching and I have mountains of information on this but I wanted to make this as simple to read as possible!   Send me your attempts I love to see them  and answer any questions.

 Stay tuned for liner definer tomorrow in the finale of my LIPS-TRAVAGANZA


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