Part Four



Today marks the day to end the best bank holiday weekend that I have had in a very long time, which also means its the last part of my lips-travaganza weekend.  It has been incredible to learn so much about our lips and last by not least I am going to talk about line.

Line and Define

People tell me they think their liner is outdated and this makes me sad!   It has been so under estimated for so long so I’m going to tell you why I always have liners to hand when I am making my face in the morning and how we can use liner to our advantage.  First, my three reasons for loving my line.

1- Liner Defines

Who doesn’t want full and defined lips?   As we discussed yesterday liner is the ticket to the perfect cupids bow.  Using lip liner, concealer and highlighter can lead to the most defined and perfect lips.  After creating your lip shape, use concealer to define the edges and highlight just above your cupids bow!

2- Colour Stay

If we use our liner first it gives our other products something to cling to, so this will stop our colours from bleeding or transferring too easily.  If I can’t find a matching colour then I use a clear liner, lets keep the colour on our lips and off our chin!

3- Every colour suits

Lip liner is not just for the red lip loving girls out there.  Even if you’re not a big lip wearer, you can still benefit from some liner.  Try using a shade like your skin tone on the lines of your lips and blend with clear gloss and you have easy, subtle and natural look.


 Now for lip shape

Nobody is perfect and our lips fall into this category , maybe the exception for that friend we have lip envy of or a celebrity like the Queen of lips KYLIE. Whether your lips are plump, wide or thin you can make them look more defined.  Lip liner can be used in a variety of ways which can differ due to lip shape!

Thin lips

Firstly  for a thin lower lip the best way to apply lipstick is to outline your lips a little below the lower lip with a little gloss to make your pout more plump!

For a thin upper lip use your liner to create a bigger cupids bow.  If you are following my step by step to cupids bow-tiful, at step one make your X a little or a lot bigger to enhance the size of your lips.

Uneven lips

Welcome my uneven lip sisters!  Your lip liners will be your best friends.  Firstly define, you should always frame your lips with concealer to provide some help with your adjustments and then to balance, outline outside of the thinner half of the lip – and along the natural line of the fuller half with your desired shade.

Oval lips 

Lets create the lip we want and make our own definition by drawing a cupid’s bow, to help go back to Lips-travaganza part three and follow the step by step instructions.

Full lips 

This little section is one I didn’t think I would ever write but one of our on-line friends asked me what to do if your lips are too full, em be the envy of all your friends was my answer but in all seriousness if you have full lips and want to minimise the attention to them then you can use concealer or foundation to make your lips look thinner, then line just inside the natural lip.  Matte lipstick can help with the making lips look smaller in natural tones.

Sharp lips

If you feel that the outer corners of your lips are sharp then we can smooth this out with just a little bit  with your lip liner and they will look perfect.  If you do a clean sweep of the corners and touch up with concealer.

Uneven coloured lips

I, among lots of others have this issue with my birthmark but don’t panic, its an easy fix.  I usually brush my lips with a little foundation (because my concealer is too thick) .  Then i use my liner and colour with an even application.



So there you have it.  My love of liner shared with all of you wonderful people!    The final thing I want to say about liner is the right application makes the difference.  My advice is to apply our liner using light, short strokes and if  you start to draw  your lips and the liner tugs or sticks to the skin, then maybe your pencil is too hard. Try sharpening the pencil or warming the point between your thumb and index finger to soften it.


I cant believe this is the end of my LIPS-TRAVAGANZA weekend and unfortunately the bank holiday weekend that most of us have had off work.  Let me know how you guys are getting on with this I love seeing your attempts and successes with my tips.  You know where I am if you need me.







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