The Power of the Flower.

Hey guys

Every woman likes to get flowers, if she says she doesn’t – she’s lying.  They are great to show someone you love them and for occasional days like birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day and any other occasion you can think off.    Some women say don’t like flowers for the reason that they are the go to gift when people do something wrong, there is sad news in the family or that they are very expensive for things that die.  That’s harsh because even when your flowers die you can make potpourri, win – win.

I love flowers, they symbolise pretty much everything I love about life they are colourful, natural and beautiful.  I haven’t received flowers for a very long time so when the people at prestige flowers told me they were sending me a bunch I was so excited!

Normally when I order flowers I am very sceptical.  I am worried about how they are going to be handed, will they look like the pictures and the presentation. So, when I was told I would be getting flowers I expected a bunch of flowers to be delivered with the paper around the outside and that’s it. That is not at all what happened. I came home to a box half the size of me with my name on it.  Not at all what I expected, do you have any idea how exciting this is for me?  Or anyone for that matter. I just couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

I opened this huge box like a child on Christmas morning (and for the record I am a child on Christmas morning) and the smell that came out of the box was just pronominal.  This fresh cut, florist delivered bouquet filled the room with the gorgeous rose aroma. I was in heaven and I still am, every time I open my bedroom door I get the smell of nature’s finest.   I didn’t think I could be more impressed until I looked at the color-coordination, a breathtakingly creative mix of long stem, luxurious sorbet colours of green and pink.  Not only the best but my favourite colour combination! Its modern, bright, cheerful and contemporary

I lifted this huge bunch of flowers from the box and I was so impressed.

This wasn’t like a bunch of flowers from the garage at the top to the street, these where eye catching, hand arranged and very luxurious.  This heavenly bunch was full of roses, germini, foliage and shamrock blooms ready to burst, just like me with my excitement.

The contrast of colours when I took them from the box was sensational.   The complete bunch is huge, I have taken some pictures of the bunch fanned out and complete, these flowers have obviously been cared for, this hand-picked arrangement I received is exquisite.  Full of silky blooming roses, soft germini nestled in a bed of crisp foliage and vibrant shamrock blooms.

It doesn’t end there!  My bunch of flowers came with a beautiful, perfectly sized vase to keep my flowers in, not only that but chocolate! LUXURY CHOCOLATE.  Not good for my diet but great for my evening.    My vase was a tall, pillar style glass vase which was held my bunch of flowers perfectly, thank you prestige flowers for being so darling and thoughtful.  My little box of Duc d’O pralines, where to start.  What makes a better partner to flowers than chocolate.  This mini box was the perfect size for my evening movie on my night in and not too much for that over filling feeling, they are delicate and delicious

A detailed flower care guide and a personalised card was icing on the cake. i couldn’t love these flowers anymore.  Keep scrolling for even more of pictures of this magnificent arrangement.

All in All Prestige flowers Lomond bouquet is mesmerising. The smell, colour balance, texture, appearance and the added extras where just perfectly paired.

Click me to view this bunch!

And prestige flowers are on Facebook, twitter and their website, not only is it pretty but they are an amazing team who are happy to answer any of your questions!  Head over to their pages and see what they have to offer.

You know I’m here to answer any questions you guys have if you message me




Ps- For those of your that don’t know how to make potpourri when your flowers have dried out, I will be writing about that soon



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