Hey hey.

Guys, please tell me I’m not the only only who has issues with the size of their nose? Pinocchio has nothing on me.  Not that my nose is long just that it’s a little cubby, I would love a naturally small, perfectly chiseled nose, now I’ve grown up and realised that isn’t going to happen. Yet another reason that I love makeup,  is that we can use it to define ♡ If you share my feelings on this nosey situation I have a little tip for you.

Define, define, define.

Use a light bronser on the sides of your nose and soft highlighter on the bridge to make your nose appear smaller.

I know the tip of the day is define but don’t forget to blend, I was practicing this and having harsh brown lines on your nose is not the most attractive thing in the world.

Let me know how you find this and you know where I am as usual , love your feedback ♡





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