Revlon- Did it colour stay?

Hey hey Guys

Welcome back to my lovely blog, firstly I would like to say a massive sorry for being so quiet. I have been so wrapped up in uni work I haven’t had the time to upload  😦 So Sorry… BUT I’m back  🙂

Today I wanna talk about Revlon colour stay.  I have heard from so many people that this is a little tub of heaven, with the staying power of Estee Lauder and a massive colour availability.. their words not mine! I have to say the colour availability is just awesome  YAY colours for everyone.  This is an affordable product, which are two words I really value as a student. I went for shade 110-Ivory, in the combination skin variety


Prices can vary based on retailer, however ranges roughly from £8-13


30grams a bottle.


This is where I was super impressed! There are  currently 35 shades of colour stay 22 shades of colour stay in the combination skin variety and 13 shades in normal/dry skin variety.


Oh well this bottle is fancy, its a clear glass bottle with a black pump and lid, why would I tell you when I could show you:

The bottle is enveloped with an easy tear-able transparent plastic wrapper. The shade number is mentioned on the front of the product.


Colour stay is a new foundation from Revlon which is described on the website as a foundation which smooth’s on evenly for a flawless look. ColorStay has Soft Flex which is to make your makeup appear lighter will still providing coverage, Revlon says Soft Flex technology  will not rub off with normal wear.

Oil-free formula.



Now we come to my favourite part, my experience!  I bought this following recommendation from one of my close friends.  I have been wearing Estee Lauder -ALOT. Not only is this bad for my bank account- WHOOPS- but also for my skin. Don’t get me wrong I love my double wear but it is quite thick, great for coverage not for my skin  😦 spot central!

Any who, bought this in Superdrug, while on a shopping trip and picked the lightest shade.  I was so excited to come home to try it out!

Is the colour true to skin?

Colour wise it was awesome, light and highly pigmented. Sometimes I struggle to get a colour that is light enough for me, 110 I love you

Is it Lightweight?

Lightweight is an understatement, its so light it doesn’t feel like you have any foundation on. Feels on the skin like tinted moisturiser. Like having a fresh face! This foundation is amazing and is the opposite of cakey.


It’s pretty reasonable coverage.  This isn’t marketed as a full coverage makeup so I didn’t have high expectations. I was so impressed.  I would say light to medium coverage because this is so easily built on.  My main issue with foundation, in general, is that when I put it on over my concealer it leaves me with two-tone around my birthmark- colour stay helped this so much!  I had to build it though, two layers and it was even!

This defiantly is scoring high in ways to impress a girl with a birthmark.

Easy to apply?

This foundation is really very soft and matte. It is very easy to apply and you don’t have to use lots! Two pumps and it can cover your face.  Take it from me- I have a pretty big face. It is also not as liquid as the lightweight would suggest, sometimes when you think lightweight you think water like liquid however Revlon was just as thick as most other foundations.


I have slightly discussed this but the pigment was impressive. Lighter shades sometimes lack in pigment which is unimpressive for girls who need to even out over concealer.  Highly pigmented and easily buildable without cause a cake-iness or darkening of the colour.


Full disclosure before I start this- I work my foundation hard. I work long days, I work hard and I expect a lot!

After application with ColorStay I was expecting it too feel heavy and it didn’t! I was so impressed. I build on it and it still the texture was not caked or uneven.  Smooth and soft.  I think you need to try this because if I was reading it I wouldn’t believe it either.  I think it looks natural and yet camera ready, honestly becoming an all rounder for me.  Staying power was great! I have used pressed powder alongside this to avoid it running – which is 100% personal choice, its something I use everyday!  After working 12 hour days I was still intact, that’s a pass for me in the staying power department.


  1. Beautiful shade
  2. Affordable
  3. Pigmented
  4. Easily available online and in store
  5. Non-transferable
  6. Light and matte
  7. Easy to apply
  8. Not cakey
  9. Shades are available for all skin tones


  1. I would love a full coverage version
  2. Very low SPF- I HAVE to wear SPF everyday which means I have to apply sun cream as well as this product
  3. I have to built it for smooth transition of products


I would give this product a 9 out of 10, only for the low SPF.

Overall I am a very impressed lady – Revlon you have impressed me.

I think that’s all I have to say on this product for the time being, I’m going to continue to use it and if my thoughts change I sure will let you know  🙂  Try it out guys and let me know your thoughts over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

♥ Aisling


PS- Pictures of me wearing this foundation are below! Lets me know your thoughts.


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