Happy birthmark support day 😍


Today is the day!


And what a better way to spend it than to share some stories with you lovely people.

First of all, I want to explain what a vascular birthmark is, Most people think this means just one type of birthmark but it’s a range of birthmarks including Port Wine Stains, Lymphatic malformations, Haemangiomas, Angel Kiss, Glomvenous malformations, Venous Malformations and Combined vascular malformations. Not only that but other conditions/ syndromes can be related to vascular birthmarks which include:
• Sturge-Weber syndrome.
• Spinal cord Birthmarks

Before I became involved with the birthmark support group and vascular birthmark organisation, I knew that there was a range of birthmarks that might come with related syndromes but I wasn’t sure of what they were, how they affected people and the amount of people with a birthmark!

About 10 in every 100 babies have…

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